Will BBM Survive on Android?

"BlackBerry may or may not be your platform of choice, but you must hand it to them for managing a great global outreach. The release of their latest OS, the BlackBerry 10 OS along with a new series of handsets, has the world talking. What once was a company doomed to failure looks like a corporation that is dusting itself off and is getting right back on the horse.
A lot of criticism later, the folks over at BlackBerry introduced a number of third party apps to keep the users happy and to simultaneously dip into the world of apps. Another featured service that Blackberry has a claim to fame for is its instant messenger service the BlackBerry Messenger app. It has always been considered one of the first free platform messaging services and has always been generally safe and BBM spy free- -which is a reason that BlackBerry has managed to remain an enterprise favorite despite its past failure in the general market.

BBM and the New Frontier:

Recently, some interesting news has hit the market concerning BBM and the company’s attempts to magnify it for a larger audience. The BBM service is now set to hit iPhone and Android users as well- -hence becoming the definition of a cross platform app. Previously it was only applicable for use if the user wished to contact someone else that owned a BlackBerry handset. So by the end of the summer, you should be able to use your BBM to message and chat up friends with iPhone as well as Android handsets.

Some may speculate that this is a desperation move by BlackBerry but the stats don’t necessarily tell the same tale. At the moment the service has more than 60 million active users and hence is still going strong. This is a facility which allows users to send free real time messages to their contacts through a PIN code and hence is used widely by BlackBerry users, especially in areas such as the Middle East where the handsets are a success and owned by a majority of people.

The Big Question:

At the moment the entire switch and availability needs to be approved by Google and if it is then it will be a free download available at the Google Play store. Now will it really manage to make a splash and go the distance so to say on Android, a platform that is already known for rampant third party apps? Perhaps it may and perhaps it may not. If we look at the state of Android apps, then the sheer number of messaging apps that are available seem to spell disaster for BBM’s foray into the Google app ocean.

Users who wish to contact their BlackBerry counterparts generally use services such as Viber or Skype. Since WhatsApp has made its way to BlackBerry there has been a general ease in texting between the platforms but has not necessarily been a surefire solution. This outsourcing of BBM availability might indeed prove successful but the chance that already active Android users will spare time for BBM is a bit unlikely."

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Jessica is a writer for MobiStealth and has been a BlackBerry fan for a decade now. She writes news based and how to articles for her audience. She can be contacted @jcarol429.

Google to buy Waze for $1.3 Billion

10, June 2013. In May, the speculation was circulated that Facebook is going to buy Waze for $1 billion. However, according to Haaretz reports, Google has finally prepared to buy Waze at $1.3 billion. However, Facebook wants to shut the operation of Waze in Israel and start the operation in California. Nevertheless, the deal fell apart because Waze wants to have its operation permanently located in Israel. In the middle of this rumor, there was also a speculation that Apple is also going to purchase Waze for $500 million.

Waze is used for catching satellite signals of member’s Smartphone that is used for generating map and data traffic. The deal between Google and Waze happened on the base that Israel would remain its service in Israel for next three years. The deal would be useful to Google as it integrates map editors and provide new resources for the service. If this deal happens, it will be a major step in Israel country towards technology and new start-ups and of course the highest profile acquisition in Israel.

The mere question is will Google shut Waze after three years extension after incorporation. It is all about future concern but the history said that Google has shut down its acquisitions after incorporation. Google wants Facebook to use Google navigation system by containing Waze’s technology into Facebook.

Since, the last year Waze has made tremendous changes in map by adding 500-million map editions across 110 countries. Waze also raised an amount of $67 million by venture capital and has portfolio of investors like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Blue Run Ventures, and Vertex Venture Capital. The company has a portfolio of 50 million users in today’s time.

Currently Mashable contacted Google and Waze about this deal but Waze did not respond to its request while Google told Mashable about not to believe in rumors and denied the speculation of such deal. However, there is no smoke without fire and according to leaks and reports, Google and Waze have considered many points for this deal, the only question is that at what price?

No matter what the result will emerge, there is a directly advantage to Google in terms of GPS navigation and community based traffic. It will be a big leap in Google’s mapping and traffic service as Waze has millions of drivers over the world giving out real-time road info.


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