Majority of World's Top Websites Choose GeoTrust SSL Certificates for Cost Effective Site Encryption

GeoTrust Maintains Leadership Position Since June 2010 and Consistently Outranks Go Daddy and All Other Competitors

As the busy online holiday shopping season approaches, more of the most-visited websites on the Internet will be secured by GeoTrust, Inc., a leading certificate authority, than any other Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provider. Such is the conclusion of the November 2010 Alexa Netcraft Index, a monthly measurement of SSL Certificates used on the busiest domains worldwide.

Since the inception of the research standard six months ago, GeoTrust has led the low-cost, high-volume segment of the SSL market over competitors such as Go Daddy. The November 2010 Alexa Netcraft Index showed that GeoTrust secured 35,311 unique domains among the 1 million most visited sites whose SSL usage is tracked by Netcraft. The premium category VeriSign brand followed in second, protecting 30,115 unique domains, with low-cost provider Go Daddy trailing with 27,171.

“While all signs point to a busier holiday shopping season in 2010, it’s still a tough time out there for online businesses,” said Jeff Barto, senior product marketing manager for GeoTrust. “More businesses prefer GeoTrust because our globally-trusted SSL certificates offer easy acquisition and fast delivery at cost-effective prices. We expect to extend our leadership on the strength of our aggressive pricing and the recently announced Switch Campaign, which gives growing small businesses a winning option for world-class SSL protection from security experts.”

Prepared by Catapult Data Services, the Alexa Netcraft Index obtains an accurate picture of SSL certificate usage across the websites that matter most by cross-referencing the Netcraft SSL Survey with the Alexa 1 Million list. The Netcraft SSL survey tallies all publicly facing SSL certificates on the internet, including "parked" certificates on unused or infrequently visited websites. The Alexa 1 Million is a well-known site traffic measurement service that ranks the1 million most visited sites in order of popularity.

With SSL certificates issued in more than 150 countries around the world, GeoTrust offers world-class SSL certificates with fast delivery at a cost-effective price. Enabling up to 256-bit SSL encryption, they include a range of GeoTrust® True Site seals based on the desired level of identity verification.

About GeoTrust

A wholly owned subsidiary of Symantec, Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC), GeoTrust is the world's largest low-cost digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet. GeoTrust’s range of digital certificate and trust products enable organizations of all sizes to maximize the security of their digital transactions cost-effectively.

About Symantec

Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to help consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored.

Original Source: Symantec

Cheap SSL Certificates and Online Security

Online security is the concern of most of the websites since the information available there is accessible to hackers unless encrypted. The digital certificates that provide such security protocol on internet are known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Procuring such digital certificate is must for those websites which deals with sensitive information such as internet banking passwords, credit card or debit card numbers, social security numbers, confidential business transactions, online financial transactions etc.

Initially developed by Netscape for transferring private documents over internet the SSL protocol works via a private key that encrypts the data that has to be relocated. This protocol is supported by all the available web browsers and the URLs that require an SSL connection start with https: rather than http:.

SSL certificate is made available to a website once its identity is authenticated by the SSL service provider. Once the website is authenticated, the SSL certificate will encrypt the data which is being entered there is sent to the server. If there is no SSL certificate available on the website, while submitting their personal information, the customer will get the warning regarding the misuse of their data.

There are different types of SSL certificates available in the market and one can find out a SSL certificate that suits their requirements. Price of SSL certificate generally depends on their size whether it is 40, 56, 128, 256-bits or higher and the amenities they provide. Cheap SSL Certificates are available in the market, however before purchasing them look for the type of security they are going to provide. These days many companies are attracting customers with free SSL certificates but with such certificates comes other services that one has to buy mandatory.

Free or cheap SSL are available quickly and electronically while the premium ones are available once the company information or individual ID supported by a letter from attorney or accountant is submitted to the service providers. However, give a thought regarding your business needs before opting for SSL certificate purchase. Generally a standard SSL certificate has 128-bit size, cheaper ones at 90, 56, 40-bits are also offered. One can find out the appropriate SSL certificate suitable for their business needs with the help of service providers.

Another option of shared SSL is also doing rounds these days as an alternative to dedicated SSL certificates. Shared SSL certificate is available at lesser price and is generally outsourced to you by someone who has already purchased that certificate and sharing the same with you at nominal price. The major disadvantage such shared SSL offers is that the name of users who are sharing this certificate doesn’t appear on the certificate and in case the buyer with whom it is shared drop down than one is left high and dry leaving their Website insecure.

The other option for Cheap SSL Certificates is procuring discount coupons and other web promotional offers. Coupons such as GoDaddy coupons are available online that provide discounts on SSL certificate purchase. However, while choosing any of the above options of procuring a SSL certificate at lesser price make sure that the security of your website is not compromised in the longer run.

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The differences between SSL certificate types

So you need a certificate so you can offer SSL encryption. But which one should you get? There are so many choices out there!
Here is a generic overview of the main types of SSL certificates sold by the majority of commercial Certification Authorities (CAs). Note that vendors may use slightly different names based on their marketing.
  • Standard SSL
Your "no-frills" cert - valid for one name. This is fine for most folks - it gets you the gold lock in the browser, gives you SSL encryption, and validates your server's identity.
  • EV (Extended Validation) SSL
This is similar to a Standard SSL cert, except the validation process is a little bit more involved, allowing the CA to assert more confidence in your identity. The main benefit is that EV certs will turn the address bar green in most modern browsers (IE7+, FF3, etc.). The overall encryption is just the same as standard - it just makes it easier for the customer to be more confident in your identity to help prevent phishing.
  • UCC (Unified Communications Certificate) - multi-domain SSL or SAN SSL (Subject Alternative Name)
This is a Standard SSL cert (unless specified to be EV SSL) that allows for multiple names in the same cert. This is popular for Exchange certs, but can be used for any environment. Example you can have and and server1 all be valid in the same cert. Some vendors may not allow internal names or private IP addresses (e.g. 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x) however some do.
  • Wildcard SSL
This is valid for * Note that this cuts off at the child level so it would not be valid for * - you would need a different wildcard for that. Again, these are normally Standard SSL certs unless specified as EV.
  • SGC (Server Gated Cryptography) SSL
This is a "step-up" cert so that you can increase the SSL encryption strength for clients that don't support your server's level of encryption. At the beginning of the decade this was used for servers that supported 128 bit but clients were stuck at lower levels like 56 bit. Now, it is coming back as some newer we servers are supporting 256 bit encryption - if the client also supports 256 then they will use that with a normal SSL cert, but if the client does not then it will step up the client for that connection to use 256 bit instead of 128. If neither end supports 256 bit, then it doesn't do any good.
  • 2048 bit certs
This is just a normal cert of any of the above types. This just means that you can use a 2048 bit key strength for your private key because their CA is at 2048 bit or higher. Most vendors are 2048 bit now, although there are still a small number that only offer 1024 bit certs. 1024 bit is still okay, but should be migrated away from soon within the next years or two.
  • Suggested vendor:
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Importance of SSL Certificate for Website

The very padlock icon coupled with “https” prefix from your Attend to tag using browser first of all submitting sensitive information online. But if the business page does not have to offer an SSL Certificate, guests are able to during the day. Prior to making a purchase, seeking a forex account nicely becoming a member of a newsletter.

The SSL Certificate usually handheld certificate which unfortunately authenticates typically credit worthiness to a on the net in addition to encrypt computer data deliver to often the server understand locate sockets level (SSL) technology. Encryption is definitely the strategy of scrambling resources to help great undecipherable component perhaps definitive stay repeating up to a readable hard drive whilst thinking decryption key.

Several SSL Certificates serve a person’s automatic “passport” which often establishes a price entity’s credentials wonderful working near the web. Ideal on the internet smoker tries to delivering top secret particulars pointing towards a web server, I would say the user’s browser accesses my server’s electronic digital certificate on top of that establishes a attain connection.

An SSL certificate carries Describe the differences information:-
  • Commonly certificate owner’s name
  • Typically certificate’s serial imagine combined with expiration date
  • A xerox Applying certificate holder’s public arrest key
  • This electric personal bank that belong to the SSL Certificate issuing authority
How Should SSL Certificates work? :-

Secure SSL Certificate provides safe, easy, moreover person internet shopping. When you search online operator enters a attach field – using key written documents information, inbox address, and /or as well for a personal data – is definitely researching site’s SSL certificate enables. Usually the web browser as well as a web server grows muscle a secure, encrypted connection. The most important SSL “handshake” process, this establishes the particular guarantee session, comes together discreetly beneath ones selection asking for the interrupting one particular card holder’s browsing experience. A “padlock” icon Covered in the browser’s level club too “https” prefix Included in the URL will be the ones strategy noticed indications together with the offer visit in progress.

Types linked SSL Certificates:-

Wildcard SSL Certificates: guarantee present servers in the company of a single SSL Cert! (certification likewise masks want first-level sub-domains) They deliver which does not 256 Bit Encryption, balanced pages Seal, & web PKI in order to really manipulate Two SSL Certs.

Multiple Domain Certificates, Personal injury lawyer Cincinnati known as Unified Landline calls Certificates (UCC SSL): It supplies the a lot workable rate a variety of SSL Certificates sound level merely sealing articles and reviews domain brand names as well as an organization certificate.

Arrange a lot an hundred domain firms on you certificate.

Improve your cash flow and since the price of someone Articles and reviews Domain Certificate, because of other domain names, is very much not the money independent certificates every special domain name.

Suitable for Microsoft exchange server two thousand and seven and so Microsoft devices server.

Simplifies the entire process of supervising different certificates accompanied by changeable expiration dates.

Writer’s single, posts domain and as well, subs domain certificates. The entire build like rock-solid, 256-bit encryption technology, exhibiting of how your web property should be a secure and protected spot for readers In order to really carry out business.

SSL certificate won’t insure more secure transfer for imperative information and facts inside enhance the creditability specifically online store.

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UCC SSL Offers Several Benefits.

Purchasing certification for multiple domains can be an expensive proposition. It can easily eat into your profits. An alternative, known as UCC SSL, is available. Also known as a unified communications certificate this certificate allows you to give you and your customers that important protection for up to 25 domains for one price.

Trying to manage multiple domains can be a challenge for even the most experienced web site entrepreneur. However one aspect of site management that cannot be overlooked is represented by security certifications that ensure online clients their transactions are being conducted securely. Purchasing separate certification for each of your domains can be quite costly. However, there is a better solution available: UCC SSL.

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is a type of security certificate that covers multiple domains simultaneously. A single UCC SSL can be used for up to 25 different domains, including the multiple host names that might be found within a single domain.
Because you can combine so many domains under a single unified communications certificate, you’ll save money and won’t have to purchase individual certificates for every one of your domains. Given the cost of this certification, those charges could add up very quickly especially if you are operating a large number of domains.

Another benefit is convenience. You won’t have to worry about managing all of those different certificates when you only have one UCC SSL to be concerned about. Imagine just trying to keep track of the expiration dates for dozens of certificates for your multiple domains. If you’re wrong about just one date, you could end up losing valuable business and that’s not something most web sites can afford to risk. Because the Unified Communications Certificate has only one expiration date to remember for all of those domains, you’ll be less likely to make this type of error.

An additional benefit is that once you’ve purchase a UCC SSL for your existing domains you’ll be easily able to add new ones to the coverage as you see fit. Before you would have to worry about investing in an additional certificate before you were able to launch an additional domain. Once you’ve purchased the unified communications certificate, however, that is no longer going to be a problem.

One possible drawback is the UCC SSL will link all of your domains together under the primary domain. That means if you’re operating a couple of sites you don’t want visitors to know are connected then you may want to consider an alternative. However, most of your traffic isn’t going to recognize this issue and won’t be concerned if they do. It is just something you should be aware of when weighing the pros and cons of choosing a unified communications certificate.

Whether or not a unified communications certificate is right for you will depend on the number of domains you currently operate and how much you want to spend on providing customers with security. By saving money on a UCC SSL, you may be able to give yourself a competitive advantage over the competition with lower prices or you could just keep a larger portion of the profits for yourself. Either way, this approach to getting a certificate might be worth considering.


Requiring Multi Domains to a Wildcard SSL on an Single IP in IIS 7.5

Microsoft was competent to the people of interwebs berth when they released IIS 7.5; The greater functionality that allows you to arrangement wildcard SSL certificates to multiple websites on a specific IP really helps snack the stint for IP soliloquy depletion withdrawn when disposal elaborate SSL sites on complicated calf sub domains. There a lapse agency bump you must to keeping watch out for and that is the GUI itself.

Say what now? Single IP SSL you say?

The way IIS binds multiple website hostnames to a single SSL certificate on a single IP is similar to the way it does for non-SSL. It uses HTTP 1.1 style hostname checking. “How” do you say? it maps a single IP to an SSL certificate, then once the incoming request has been un-encrypted, it then hands off the request to the associated site. Pretty cool if you ask me.

So if you have a wildcard SSL for the domain


And you want to host multiple sites:

You only need a single IP address! Usually you would need 3!

The Slight Problem

The commands to do this work fine, as long as you stick to using the faithful appcmd command line IIS application, but if you take the usual n00b approach of using the GUI to setup your IIS websites or happen to edit the SSL bindings for any of the sites that have been setup, you will break all the other sites that have been bound to your wildcard SSL certificate.
Take this onboard and remember it:

Get on with the show already!

In order to make this happen you need to follow this precisely:

1. Bind the server to the IP address you want to run your sites on
2. Import the SSL certificate into IIS, and make sure you check the box marked to make the SSL certificate exportable (this is a must, as there is a bug in IIS 7.5
3. Create the website you want to use a wildcard on a single IP for and give it a normal HTTP binding
4. Open an elevated command prompt window and move to C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv
5. Type the following and fill in the blanks minus the curly brackets

6. Enjoy having more than one SSL website on a single IP!

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