Cheap SSL Certificates and Online Security

Online security is the concern of most of the websites since the information available there is accessible to hackers unless encrypted. The digital certificates that provide such security protocol on internet are known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Procuring such digital certificate is must for those websites which deals with sensitive information such as internet banking passwords, credit card or debit card numbers, social security numbers, confidential business transactions, online financial transactions etc.

Initially developed by Netscape for transferring private documents over internet the SSL protocol works via a private key that encrypts the data that has to be relocated. This protocol is supported by all the available web browsers and the URLs that require an SSL connection start with https: rather than http:.

SSL certificate is made available to a website once its identity is authenticated by the SSL service provider. Once the website is authenticated, the SSL certificate will encrypt the data which is being entered there is sent to the server. If there is no SSL certificate available on the website, while submitting their personal information, the customer will get the warning regarding the misuse of their data.

There are different types of SSL certificates available in the market and one can find out a SSL certificate that suits their requirements. Price of SSL certificate generally depends on their size whether it is 40, 56, 128, 256-bits or higher and the amenities they provide. Cheap SSL Certificates are available in the market, however before purchasing them look for the type of security they are going to provide. These days many companies are attracting customers with free SSL certificates but with such certificates comes other services that one has to buy mandatory.

Free or cheap SSL are available quickly and electronically while the premium ones are available once the company information or individual ID supported by a letter from attorney or accountant is submitted to the service providers. However, give a thought regarding your business needs before opting for SSL certificate purchase. Generally a standard SSL certificate has 128-bit size, cheaper ones at 90, 56, 40-bits are also offered. One can find out the appropriate SSL certificate suitable for their business needs with the help of service providers.

Another option of shared SSL is also doing rounds these days as an alternative to dedicated SSL certificates. Shared SSL certificate is available at lesser price and is generally outsourced to you by someone who has already purchased that certificate and sharing the same with you at nominal price. The major disadvantage such shared SSL offers is that the name of users who are sharing this certificate doesn’t appear on the certificate and in case the buyer with whom it is shared drop down than one is left high and dry leaving their Website insecure.

The other option for Cheap SSL Certificates is procuring discount coupons and other web promotional offers. Coupons such as GoDaddy coupons are available online that provide discounts on SSL certificate purchase. However, while choosing any of the above options of procuring a SSL certificate at lesser price make sure that the security of your website is not compromised in the longer run.

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