UCC SSL Offers Several Benefits.

Purchasing certification for multiple domains can be an expensive proposition. It can easily eat into your profits. An alternative, known as UCC SSL, is available. Also known as a unified communications certificate this certificate allows you to give you and your customers that important protection for up to 25 domains for one price.

Trying to manage multiple domains can be a challenge for even the most experienced web site entrepreneur. However one aspect of site management that cannot be overlooked is represented by security certifications that ensure online clients their transactions are being conducted securely. Purchasing separate certification for each of your domains can be quite costly. However, there is a better solution available: UCC SSL.

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is a type of security certificate that covers multiple domains simultaneously. A single UCC SSL can be used for up to 25 different domains, including the multiple host names that might be found within a single domain.
Because you can combine so many domains under a single unified communications certificate, you’ll save money and won’t have to purchase individual certificates for every one of your domains. Given the cost of this certification, those charges could add up very quickly especially if you are operating a large number of domains.

Another benefit is convenience. You won’t have to worry about managing all of those different certificates when you only have one UCC SSL to be concerned about. Imagine just trying to keep track of the expiration dates for dozens of certificates for your multiple domains. If you’re wrong about just one date, you could end up losing valuable business and that’s not something most web sites can afford to risk. Because the Unified Communications Certificate has only one expiration date to remember for all of those domains, you’ll be less likely to make this type of error.

An additional benefit is that once you’ve purchase a UCC SSL for your existing domains you’ll be easily able to add new ones to the coverage as you see fit. Before you would have to worry about investing in an additional certificate before you were able to launch an additional domain. Once you’ve purchased the unified communications certificate, however, that is no longer going to be a problem.

One possible drawback is the UCC SSL will link all of your domains together under the primary domain. That means if you’re operating a couple of sites you don’t want visitors to know are connected then you may want to consider an alternative. However, most of your traffic isn’t going to recognize this issue and won’t be concerned if they do. It is just something you should be aware of when weighing the pros and cons of choosing a unified communications certificate.

Whether or not a unified communications certificate is right for you will depend on the number of domains you currently operate and how much you want to spend on providing customers with security. By saving money on a UCC SSL, you may be able to give yourself a competitive advantage over the competition with lower prices or you could just keep a larger portion of the profits for yourself. Either way, this approach to getting a certificate might be worth considering.



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