Symantec closes Verisign security deal

INSECURITY OUTFIT Symantec has closed its $1.28 billion acquisition of Verisign's identity and authentication business.

Now that it has bought Verisign, Symantec is close to doing some serious work in SSL Certificates, Public Key Infrastructure and other online trust and identity technologies.

However it should make a real killing flogging SSL certificates along with its security products, which will mean that customers will have a one stop shop for Internet security. This is particularly important for online transaction services.

Enrique Salem, president and CEO of Symantec said that enterprises and consumers expect simple and secure access to information from any device, protection from identity fraud, and online experiences that are user-friendly and hassle-free.

He said that the combination of Symantec's leading security solutions with Verisign's security products, services and recognition as the most trusted brand online puts Symantec in a strong position.

Symantec plans to integrate Verisign technologies with its array of endpoint security and data loss prevention products.

Symantec might weave Verisign SSL technology into its products like Critical System Protection and Protection Suite for Servers to bolster the security of customers' web servers and increase trust levels during financial and other sensitive transactions.

Symantec said it plans to incorporate Verisign technologies into its data loss prevention products to ensure that only authorised users can access certain types of information.

Symantec has been buying up companies like a mad thing this year, taking some key names like PGP and Guardianedge into its stable.

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