Introduction to Wildcard SSL Certificates.

The SSL certificate is attached to the server and qualified domain name (FQDN) of the website. You must need one certificate per FQDN that you are searching to secure. If the certificate’s common name and the FQDN on your website do not correspond, users will get an error message.

Wildcard SSL Certificates not only save your money, but also saves your time for ordering, installing and managing other sub domain certificates. A Wildcard Certificate is the SSL certificate that makes you enable to secure an unlimited number of sub domains and servers with a single certificate. That means you can get an SSL Certificate with the common name as * and you can use it for all of the following without receiving any errors:
Wildcard SSL Certificates are distributed for (*.XYZ.tld/*.*). Where * stands for any type and it doesn’t limit the numbers. Installing Wildcard SSL Certificates are very easy to install and manage. We do not have any limit for the sub domains and it allows utilizing single wildcard certificate for all prosperity of sub domains. Wildcard SSL Certificates are equal to the Standard Certificates and provide the high encryption and browser support. If you want to protect more than one of your sub domains or totally different domain names in one certificate, you can give a look to Unified Communications SSL Certificates.

Encryption Strength of Wildcard SSL Certificates:-

You can choose your Wildcard SSL Certificate from these two Certificates: the Wildcard Certificate and the Wildcard SGC Certificate. The encryption level of the Wildcard SSL Certificate corresponds to the encryption strength of the usual Standard Certificate you can this way get a smallest encryption of 128 bit with new browsers and new functioning systems. With the Wildcard SGC Certificate the encryption strength corresponds to the Premium SGC Certificate what entails that all users will get a smallest encryption of 128 bit, no issue which browser and which functioning scheme they use.

Benefits Wildcard SSL Certificates:-
  • Trustworthy:-Secure Unlimited Sub-Domains with a single Wildcard SSL Certificate for a main domain.
  • Cheaper: Some organizations might have as many as 50 or more domains to maintain, it is more cost effective to buy one certificate for all websites. Wildcard SSL Certificates are the best way to secure your multiple domains with a single Certificate purchase.
  • Easier to run and manage: - Deploying 30 distinct one-by-one SSL Certificates can be a scary project, even with a PKI administration interface. And thereafter you have to do it all across again, as shortly as it comes time to renew them.


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