Social Media Promotion Options for Blogs

If you have a social media profile set up for your business, it's natural for you to want to integrate it into your WordPress site. In fact, it makes good business sense. You have several different options for promoting your blog via social media and vice versa. Here are some of the popular ones.

Social Media Plug-ins:

Social media is so important to business these days that most Premium WordPress themes – the professional ones, in particular – include the ability for you to make it easy for your blog readership to share your posts on their social media profiles. You should definitely include these plug-ins on your WordPress install. You can also take a look at WordPress themes that are designed specifically for compatibility with social media sites. It's not a bad idea to put up an extra site if it gives you this capability.

Advertising on Social Media:

Advertising on social media sites can be done in several different ways and, done properly, it can promote your blog for relatively little money. The trick is to make certain that the promotional materials you're putting into people's news feeds show up. The procedure for doing this changes all the time. Make sure you check any updates from Facebook – because this is the one that people really worry about – and confirm that you are posting correctly and that your users have done what they need to do on their profiles to be able to see what you add to their news feeds.

The other option is advertising via purchased spots on social media sites. In reality, this hasn't been shown to be very effective. Thus far, people seem to have decided that they go to social media sites to socialize and not to shop. Ask someone when the last time they clicked on a Facebook ad was and, in all likelihood, they may well say "never".

If you want to get more publicity for your blog off of social media sites, your best bet is to take a look at the WordPress plug-ins available to help you do that. These can generally be added to your WordPress theme for no cost at all and, of course, that makes it a great option for advertising. Remember that you should have an easy way for people to share your posts at the bottom of each post and that you should have a sidebar plug-in that allows them to instantly follow your profile on any social media site on which you are active.


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