Pheed: the Future Social trend for Teens

The world of social networking is expanding day-by-day; either it is Facebook, Google+ or twitter. People are connected deeply with social media. A newbie something called “Pheed” which was set up last year but found in Apple store’s social networking class. It was launched in los-Angeles, California and within a week Pheed got 5 million new users. Pheed is a platform of local and creative individuals which includes photographers, artists, musicians, models, and designers. In a month of launching Pheed has achieved the top 10 social media application in the USA and the top 100 application over 33 countries.

Pheed allows users to share text, photo, video and audio clips even user can make a live broadcast. The application has become popular among teenage however company declared that Pheed is merely not for teenage but comprising the age up to 25 years. Currently Pheed is available for free online on both website and mobile application. Pheed initially got publicity on twitter via teenagers considering Acacia Brinley, Pia Mia, and Garrett Back storm. According to company 81% of popularity of Pheed is due to youngsters. Users can subscribe to other users’ channels and consider their subscribed channels’ content in actual time.

One other gorgeous feature on Pheed is that it permits users to charge $1.99 to $34.99 for logging in their ‘channels’, one can prefer either pay-per-view or a monthly subscription. Many celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton are at present on Pheed with hundreds of subscribers. The question is that will users follow celebrities with paying up to $34.99 as they can follow them on Twitter also.

Pheed use slogan “Express yourself” encourages users to post unique content even there is also a copyright button that users can use it to copyright the content.


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