ClickSSL provides (VeriSign) Site Seal "Trusted" Service.

Now internet surfing is a actual accepted process, but anytime anticipation about its authority and credibility? As millions of website owners are there accountability of these sites are awful needed, and to accomplish that VeriSign Trust Seal has been introduced. Actually the VeriSign Internet Trust Basis was advised to barometer the levels of trust humans abode on the Internet. See if you fit one of the trust basis profiles: Am I agreement too majorly trust in the Internet, or too little? Now How to acquaint if a website is secured or not. With so abounding sites on the Web, it’s harder to apperceive which are safe to trust, and which to avoid.

Now VeriSign trust is there to actuate whether the website is secure or not and for that you allegation to analysis out assertive factors. If you’re application a high-security, Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer (EV SSL) enabled Web browser
, analysis to see if the abode bar has became green. Look for the VeriSign trust™ seal and bang on it to verify that the seal is authentic. Ensure that the URL in your address bar begins with HTTPS, not HTTP. That added “s” is important, as it stands for “SECURE”.

Now you may ask why Trust Is Essential in agreement of your website's credibility. You will appear beyond altered Causes that and some of them are Stand out from the antagonism in search results; Build trust in your Web site; Reduce the risk of getting blocked by search engines and browsers; Show customers your identity has been verified; Display the #1 trust mark on the Internet, and so on. Also begin that VeriSign adds adds trust enhancement to its SSL. New security features, which cover circadian malware scanning and the company's Seal-in-Search technology, can advice now website operators to ensure that users of their sites can browse them and accomplish online transactions without fear of security breaches.

"In the face of added busy attacks and fraud schemes, web sites require solutions that do added than data encryption," as said by vice president of product marketing at VeriSign. "By enhancing our SSL Certificate services with new features that instill trust at every step of the online experience—at no additional charge to our customers—we're delivering a more robust and value-driven solution. In the process, we're redefining what web sites should expect from online security."

As the brand desired by major banks and retailers, the VeriSign seal cab build assurance for higher transitions on all types of Web sites now.

ClickSSL is VeriSign Platinum Partner company and authorized to resell and renew all RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte and VeriSign SSL certificates. SSL certificate will be issued by VeriSign itself and you will save more money and maintenance cost. Even you have purchase SSL from other resellers or direct from VeriSign then also you can renew it with


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