Windows Live ID adopts Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates.

Windows Live ID is very committed to the safety of its users. To further protect the users against phishing, Windows Live ID has adopted (Extended Validation) EV SSL Certificates.

EV SSL certificates require a company to undergo an extensive vetting process and provide users additional assurance about the identity and authenticity of web sites they visit. Thus when a user visits Live ID in IE7, the address bar will turn green and the identity of the company that owns the website – in this instance ‘Microsoft Corporation [US]’ – is displayed. You can get more information on EV certificates here.

Users of sites (such as Hotmail, Spaces, and Microsoft partner sites) that use Live ID authentication can now enjoy the additional protection and verified identity provided by EV SSL. Remember that in order to enjoy the additional assurance provided by EV SSL, users will have to use a newer browser that supports EV SSL, such as Internet Explorer 7. Windows Live ID is the first large scale authentication service to adopt EV certificates; our over 380 million users can now enjoy the additional protection offered by EV over 1.2 billion times a day when they login.


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