How can the VeriSign Seal work best for you?

Purchasing your VeriSign SSL Certificates means that you have the right to display the world’s most recognized Internet trust mark. When visitors to your web site see the VeriSign seal, they feel more confident to complete their online business and you will notice a marked reduction in abandonment rates and increase in online transactions.


Don’t make the customer expend any effort or time searching for peace of mind.

If a new customer comes to your web site seeking reassurance that the site is trustworthy and secure, one of the FIRST things they want to see on the homepage is the VeriSign seal. For this reason we recommend that you keep it high on the home page of your web site (definitely above the “fold” line so that they don’t have to scroll down to look for it).

Let the customer see it when they need it the most.

Customers need the most reassurance at the point where they are about to share private information—e.g., on the page where they have to enter their log-in credentials or share credit card information. For this reason, we recommend that the VeriSign seal be displayed on all pages where this type of data is requested. The VeriSign seal should be displayed in close proximity to the area requesting information.

Don’t let the display of the VeriSign seal seem like an after-thought.

Your brand is important to your customers, and for this reason, you have associated it with the best-of-breed Internet security brand. Let this be evident when displaying the VeriSign seal. Avoid placing the seal within the footer of the page where it might not be seen, or where the visitor needs to search for it. Make it one of the most visible aspects of your web site and place it where it can be easily seen.

Get your customer’s attention early in their purchase process.

Given all of the noise experienced on the Internet, you need to get to customers as early as possible in their purchase cycle. By displaying a trust mark next to a link in search results, your web site is naturally differentiated. Customers are drawn to links that display a trust mark while they’re in the process of doing searches and comparison shopping.

The VeriSign Seal-in-Search feature displays the VeriSign seal within search engine results for web sites using VeriSign SSL Certificates. The VeriSign seal is displayed next to the link of the trusted site. Seal-in-Search™ helps to increase link visibility and improve consumer confidence, which could lead to higher click rates and improved traffic to trusted web sites. You can confirm that Seal-in-Search is activated for your site with a visit to your VeriSign Trust Center account.

Make sure you display a valid VeriSign seal.

It is very important that you only display the VeriSign seal on the web site that is secured with a valid VeriSign SSL Certificates.

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