Secure Multi Domains on a Single Server

Wildcard certificates can cover all first-level sub domains of a domain. A single Unified Communications Certificate can cover many different domains within a single SSL certificate
Secure 5 to 25 Domains on Single SSL Certificate
Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain SSL secure a main domain, and up to 24 additional Subject Alternative Names, within a single certificate. Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) also known as Subject Alternative Names (SAN) certificate enable Up to 256 bit SSL encryption supports secure transmission of susceptible data.
Following are examples only would be secured by Multi Domain SSL certificate. You can secure anything along with Multi Domain SSL as it fulfills 99% of SSL requirements.
  • (Company Business Public Domain)
  • (Business Domain Email)
  • (Internal Domain Name)
  • (Sub Domain on Public Domain)
  • (Sub Domain Name)
  • (Company Public Domain)
  • msexchange1 (Email Server Net-Bios Name)
  • server.local (Internal Private Test Domain)
  • (Server IP Address)
  • mailautodiscover (Auto discover name for SMTP server)
  • (Company another business Domain)
With a GeoTrust True Business ID Multi-Domain SSL certificate, you can add, edit, or delete up to 25 domain names over the lifetime of the certificate. Unified Communication products such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communication Server, Share Point and many more can be secured with this specially designed UC certificate.
With Multi Domain SSL Certificate, you can add, edit and delete up to 25 Domain Names. ClickSSL offers Multi Domain from 1 to 5 years at an affordable price. Every True Business ID certificate includes a dynamic GeoTrust True Site Seal with your company name and a real-time date/time stamp. When users of your online services see the seal and verify your name, they have more confidence to complete their transactions and trust your services. ClickSSL is a Geotrust authorized reseller Company, so you know that you are go with most trusted & reliable company in SSL Industries.


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