Some points someone not to do when designing a website

You might know all the things about what to do when designing a website. Here I m giving some points to you about things not to do when designing a website.

1. Color scheme: First of all color scheme of your web site must be attractive and eye catchy. Avoid bad color scheme.

2. Dose of flash: over dose of flash is one of the point not to do when designing a website. If your connection is slow use of flash is worthless and other reason is search engines cannot read flash.

3. Spelling and grammatical mistake: Your content must be error free. There is no excuse for the spelling mistakes or any grammatical mistake, because it shows carelessness in work.

4. Proper navigation: your navigation of the website must be straight forward. It should not take more than 3 clicks to go any webpage.

5. Loading speed: As having a good website design is of no use if a few people are able to see it due to long time in loading. Increasing your website loading speed is not only important for search ranking but it will also affect your visitors' perception about your website. Visitors will leave it immediately if any webpage taking longer than 8 seconds to load. Keep in mind the major sites like Google, yahoo having few images because the loading time is really important.

6. Scrolling: A good web design must require very little or absolutely no scrolling. The whole work must be available on loading and must not require any vertical or horizontal scrolling.

7. Use of banner: Don’t over use banner in your website otherwise it improperly or over-done, they can be downright ugly, providing little more than an obnoxious or irritating distraction for the viewer, in some cases to the point that the user leaves the page to avoid them.

8. W3C validation: A website is made for representing your business or whatever you want to represent and that should be visible as well as accessible everywhere. Different people use different browsers. If your website is not W3C compatible it may face some problems of accessibility in different browsers. Your website’s popularity is totally depends upon its visibility and accessibility. If your website is easily accessible from everywhere on each and every browser it means you can get more attention of users. Passing W3C validation is also beneficial from the point of view of SEO.

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