Symantec Takes the Pain Out of Renewing SSL Certificates

Express Renewal and AutoPay Features Make Symantec the Industry’s Only Certificate Authority to Completely Automate Renewal Process

Symantec Corp. announced two new features designed to relieve one of the most common pain points of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate management: the renewal process. Now, customers who have deployed VeriSign SSL Certificates can fully automate the SSL Certificate renewal process for up to six years. The new features make Symantec the industry’s only Certificate Authority to offer this innovative way to renew and manage SSL Certificates.

Symantec’s Express Renewal feature eliminates the need to submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) or re-install a VeriSign® SSL Certificate when it approaches renewal time. When a certificate is up for renewal, the SSL customer simply pays for a new validity period. There is no need to generate a new CSR or to re-install for VeriSign SSL Secure Site and Secure Site Pro Certificates for up to six years for VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates for up to two years.

To further automate the renewal process, Symantec’s VeriSign SSL customers can activate the AutoPay Renewal Service upon their initial enrollment. By automating payment for renewal, AutoPay service helps ensure SSL protection continues without interruption.

“With Express Renewal and AutoPay, Symantec has become the industry’s only SSL Certificate Authority to eliminate the pain of renewing certificates.” “The features greatly reduce the possibility of unexpected certificate expirations – and best of all, customers don’t have to do a thing. Website operators now have the same flexibility to pay for 1-3 year terms but with added ease of management.”

Express Renewal is available at no charge to VeriSign SSL and EV SSL customers who submit a minimum 2048-bit certificate signing request (CSR). Customers can activate and deactivate AutoPay at any time, for any reason and without penalty, for as long as they hold their VeriSign SSL or EV SSL Certificate.

Symantec is the leading provider of SSL and EV SSL protection worldwide, with nearly 70 percent of the EV SSL market. More than 100,000 websites display the VeriSign seal by deploying VeriSign SSL, VeriSign EV SSL, or VeriSign Trust Seal solutions. As the most popular and recognized security mark in the world, the VeriSign seal is viewed by Internet users up to 650 million times in a single day.

Original Source: Symantec Press release


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