Symantec Takes the Pain Out of Renewing SSL Certificates

Express Renewal and AutoPay Features Make Symantec the Industry’s Only Certificate Authority to Completely Automate Renewal Process

Symantec Corp. announced two new features designed to relieve one of the most common pain points of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate management: the renewal process. Now, customers who have deployed VeriSign SSL Certificates can fully automate the SSL Certificate renewal process for up to six years. The new features make Symantec the industry’s only Certificate Authority to offer this innovative way to renew and manage SSL Certificates.

Symantec’s Express Renewal feature eliminates the need to submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) or re-install a VeriSign® SSL Certificate when it approaches renewal time. When a certificate is up for renewal, the SSL customer simply pays for a new validity period. There is no need to generate a new CSR or to re-install for VeriSign SSL Secure Site and Secure Site Pro Certificates for up to six years for VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates for up to two years.

To further automate the renewal process, Symantec’s VeriSign SSL customers can activate the AutoPay Renewal Service upon their initial enrollment. By automating payment for renewal, AutoPay service helps ensure SSL protection continues without interruption.

“With Express Renewal and AutoPay, Symantec has become the industry’s only SSL Certificate Authority to eliminate the pain of renewing certificates.” “The features greatly reduce the possibility of unexpected certificate expirations – and best of all, customers don’t have to do a thing. Website operators now have the same flexibility to pay for 1-3 year terms but with added ease of management.”

Express Renewal is available at no charge to VeriSign SSL and EV SSL customers who submit a minimum 2048-bit certificate signing request (CSR). Customers can activate and deactivate AutoPay at any time, for any reason and without penalty, for as long as they hold their VeriSign SSL or EV SSL Certificate.

Symantec is the leading provider of SSL and EV SSL protection worldwide, with nearly 70 percent of the EV SSL market. More than 100,000 websites display the VeriSign seal by deploying VeriSign SSL, VeriSign EV SSL, or VeriSign Trust Seal solutions. As the most popular and recognized security mark in the world, the VeriSign seal is viewed by Internet users up to 650 million times in a single day.

Original Source: Symantec Press release

Install osCommerce Shopping Cart integrated with an SSL certificate

osCommerce shopping cart is the powerful PHP web scripting language and can be customized easily. To run any osCommerce website the web server should support the medium to enhance your website speed and fast MySQL database. The most amazing thing about an online store can be very important if you’re using a shopping cart on getting reliable options to grow your business online.

Designing an online store for developers is tough task, but designing an online store is not enough. It has wide range of the shopping cart itself. osCommerce shopping cart process is a free open source online store management software and you have an e-commerce shopping cart is that allows online stores to be setup rapidly. With a perfect shopping cart solution business will grow definitely. E-Commerce shopping cart offers a wide range of features that It is important to focus on your online store.

This stuff gives details to set up online shopping cart, specially os Commerce, to work with dedicated SSL Certificate. SSL activation process is very important when you are using a shopping cart on your website and you have an SSL Certificate because it’s needed to configure the encryption of the shopping cart itself.

Steps to install osCommerce Shopping Cart:

1) Login to your Admin cPanel ( )
2) Locate and click on the Fantastico De Luxe Icon
3) Click on “osCommerce” ( Under the “E-Commerce” section )
4) Select “New Installation”, In the right panel.
5) Fill out all of the boxes. For “Install on domain”, select the domain you want OS Commerce to install. The default will be the domain you signed into. For “Install in directory”, choose the directory you want to install OS Commerce. By default, it will install in your root directory if you leave the box blank. Create an administrator user name and password. Enter the preference’s you want for your store including the name, owners name and requirements when signing up. When you are finished, click “Install OS Commerce”.
6) After Double check your information click “Finish installation”.
7) Then you will get a confirmation page of your installation.

Following below steps to Activate SSL Certificate:

Once you have the installation location stayed at squared away, the succeeding steps are self helpful. The SSL process is authorized to a little bit in actual justification.
1) Set the “Use SSL” option to “Yes”
2) Enter the “Domain Name” for your secure server.
If you have a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for your website, just enter your domain name in the next field. If not, basically apply the server name entered above.
3) Choose the data you want to require from your customers. You will see that these options are simply and can be easy set to “Yes” or “No.”
4) Click on the “Install osCommerce” tab.
5) Click “Finish installation”.

Now you have completed installation process for the E-Commerce Shopping cart program integrated with an SSL certificate to secure online payment process & data transferring. Now just open your website URL in browser to sign in and set up your online store.

We wish you Good Luck with your online business success.

Installation Guidance when Purchasing a New SSL Certificate

Internet communications are usually unencrypted, which allows anyone on a hold in the proceed between users' computers and your website, such as online credit card payments, or other important data and information, users’ and the servers are encrypted for safety. Secure Socket Layer known as SSL stands for safety and used widely for securing websites and data transacted being online. When security matters for you and server, organizations usually rely on use of "SSL Certificates" to acknowledge or process the private information from your website and server.

Use the following information on this page to install your SSL Certificate or other sensitive data; you will require a SSL certificate. When the ability to snoop on a system in the trail between users' computers and encrypt the information so third parties cannot read it. We have also included Root Certificates (CA Certificates) for installations that want them.

Find below the information which helps you to install digital SSL Certificate on a website.
  • Download your certificate from the certificate authority where you purchased it. save it with the extension .txt or .cer and before continuing with the installation of the certificate
  • Click Start > Administrative Tools > IIS Manager
  • Click the corresponding server name from left menu
  • Under Security, double-click Server Certificates in the middle pane
  • Click on "Complete Certificate Request." From the Right pane
  • Then navigate to .cer or .txt file saved on the desktop and enter the domain name you will reference the certificate as in IIS. This is only displayed to IIS administrators. Then Click "OK."
  • Browse to your Server Name > Sites > Your SSL-based site
  • From the Right pane, choose Bindings
  • In the Site Bindings window, choose Add
  • From the Add Site Bindings window, provide the binding type as HTTPS
  • Select the SSL certificate that will be used for this site
  • Click OK
  • Test the if the site is secure by using HTTPS, Stop and start your Web server prior to any testing.
  • To verify the SSL certificate installation, use the SSL Certificate Checker.

Some points someone not to do when designing a website

You might know all the things about what to do when designing a website. Here I m giving some points to you about things not to do when designing a website.

1. Color scheme: First of all color scheme of your web site must be attractive and eye catchy. Avoid bad color scheme.

2. Dose of flash: over dose of flash is one of the point not to do when designing a website. If your connection is slow use of flash is worthless and other reason is search engines cannot read flash.

3. Spelling and grammatical mistake: Your content must be error free. There is no excuse for the spelling mistakes or any grammatical mistake, because it shows carelessness in work.

4. Proper navigation: your navigation of the website must be straight forward. It should not take more than 3 clicks to go any webpage.

5. Loading speed: As having a good website design is of no use if a few people are able to see it due to long time in loading. Increasing your website loading speed is not only important for search ranking but it will also affect your visitors' perception about your website. Visitors will leave it immediately if any webpage taking longer than 8 seconds to load. Keep in mind the major sites like Google, yahoo having few images because the loading time is really important.

6. Scrolling: A good web design must require very little or absolutely no scrolling. The whole work must be available on loading and must not require any vertical or horizontal scrolling.

7. Use of banner: Don’t over use banner in your website otherwise it improperly or over-done, they can be downright ugly, providing little more than an obnoxious or irritating distraction for the viewer, in some cases to the point that the user leaves the page to avoid them.

8. W3C validation: A website is made for representing your business or whatever you want to represent and that should be visible as well as accessible everywhere. Different people use different browsers. If your website is not W3C compatible it may face some problems of accessibility in different browsers. Your website’s popularity is totally depends upon its visibility and accessibility. If your website is easily accessible from everywhere on each and every browser it means you can get more attention of users. Passing W3C validation is also beneficial from the point of view of SEO.

6 Effective off Page SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that places the website on high rank in search engine result page through natural or organic searches. There are two kind of SEO on page and off page. There are some important technique for Off Page SEO that given below.


Article is an effective technique of SEO. You can write the article on relevant topics and published on, blogs, article directories, and web portals for the industry, online magazines, and many others. These are ways for you to promote your site, get added back links.

Though search engine cannot understand image, symbol, or flash content, texts become only way to get identification in search engines. Proper density of the keywords in the article plays an important role in getting search-engine's attention.


The latest trend of online advertising is blogging. It is very important technique for the SEO. Blog is the place where you share your ideas and people read it and learn from it. You can get traffic from that. Another benefit of having blog is you can advertise your web page and post your offers. If you have good keywords on your blog, good back links and traffics the search engine will rank it well.

Directories submission:-

It is very easy to submit directory. It is like listing a phone number in a directory. There are two methods for submitting links to the web directories. The first method is automatic submission (through software) and second is manual submission. Manual submission needs time and efforts.

Submitting press releases:-

There are many PR sites on the internet that accept press releases. With this you will be able to write an article about your company and product you are promoting including a link back to your website.


Forum is an easy way to get links in order to get traffics and thus reach on top in search engine results. Many forums allow you to include a link of in the signature area. You have to register your account for that. To get proper information people will visit this forum. You can create good traffic by the forum activity or posting, for these the created links will be of big use.

Social Bookmarking:-

Social bookmarking is a process that involves grouping and storing bookmarks, just like a person would add any website to his favorites. . It is a way to have the pages of your website bookmarked is through sign ups and submissions to the famous bookmarking sites.


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