How to Know You Are Shopping On A Safe Website?

SSL is a secure socket layer, which prevents phishing, spyware or any kind of Malware attacks. It boosts customer’s confidence. SSL encrypts the information that flows between the user’s browser and owner’s website. When customer sees the green bar in address bar, he become ready to transact online and that action enhance the profitability of an enterprise.

As we have seen that in few years, E-commerce is developing so fast but there is a concern of security. SSL removes all the hurdle of phishing and other malwares and provides customer a healthy online shopping environment. There are steps by which online visitor will know that whether the site is secure or not.  

(a) A standard web site without SSL security displays “http://” before the web site address in the browser address bar. This moniker stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol,” and is the conventional way to transmit information over the Internet.

However, a web site that is secured with a SSL Certificate will display “https://” before the address. This stands for “Secure HTTP.”

(b) You will also see a padlock symbol on the top or bottom of the Internet browser (depending on which browser you are using).

(c) When you click on the padlock symbol on the page, it will display details of the relevant certificate with company information as verified and authenticated by the CA.

• Standard SSL Certificate (Blue Address Bar)

• EV SSL Certificate (Green Address Bar)



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