Points should be followed for online banking security

Internet security is the most important requirement of online business. By following few steps you can secure your network from hackers and attackers. 

This stuff will help you to develop safe internet habits and keeps you away from unwanted security issues to your personal security.

Strong Password:-
There are some steps by following it we can improve chances of not being hacked. A person should always use a strong password and password would be with so many combinations. The password should be more than 6 characters long and combines both alphanumerical characters and special characters. It is highly recommended resetting your password at least every 1 to 2 months. 

Don’t use same password for your every account:-
Some users are lazy they keep same password for their every account but it is not good habit. Sometimes it might create a problem for them. It is not advisable to use Facebook login password as your web banking access password. Keep a separate password for your each login. You don’t need to remember them you can manage your password with password management programs like Keepass.

Be careful while answering security question:-
Security questions are for us. If we forget the password security questions might help us.  For example there is a question like what your birth place is person who knows you can answer the same question. Don’t answer such question or answer it on different way.

Increase the security level:-
Always secure your e commerce site with SSL Certificate to protect your customers.  Do not enter your personal details on those sites which are not having SSL Certificates. Always trust on https instead of only http.

Authentication provides an effective benefit to your site and ensures that the people who are your customers are safe in your network. There is wide range of various level of encryption. You need to select the solution level that is appropriate for your business.

No matter what business you run but the main factor of your securing your internet security. Always deal with trusted, reputable and reliable certificate authorities like Symantec or SSL certificate provider. ClickSSL is one of the most reliable SSL Provider and reseller of trusted Certificate Authorities.

Credit: https://www.itmashable.com/2012/07/4-steps-to-better-online-banking.html


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