How to Make Money Using Social Media?

In September and October 2013, Facebook had a dramatic price rebound, and the Twitter IPO has been in the news. The basis for unlocking social media company value is using models of successful advertising.

Social Media and Advertising

Companies that deal in social media are legitimate websites on which to advertise, just like Yahoo or Google. Facebook and now Twitter will make money the same way that Google already does. Advertising on the Internet is a rapidly growing market. 89% of advertisers in a 2013 Nielsen report use free advertising in social media, and 75% use paid advertising in social media. 64% of companies surveyed also stated that they expect their paid advertising budgets for social media grow throughout the rest of 2013.

Turning a Profit with Social Media

This can be an elusive goal for some people. It is much easier if you just picture social media like the big party it can be, and fit in. Don’t try to be the life of the party, though. You’ll need to learn to use the proper tools in order to make money through social media.

Leave People Wanting More

When you are using social media to promote your company or site, share things that are interesting to other people, and that have value to readers. Social media works on the pay it forward theme. Giving away valuable stuff is a good idea to get attention. Give people things with no strings attached, and they may become faithful followers.

Be Yourself

Social media cannot be used in the same way as traditional advertising. It doesn't feel or look the same. Social media sites form a community that is designed to share entertainment, expertise, information, support and comfort. You’ll need to develop a unique voice to stand out in a good way through social media. Write like a real person so that people can relate to you. Don’t be afraid to share mistakes and show your sense of humor.

Engage People in Social Media

Your target audience, once identified, should become involved with you. Ask questions and end blog postings by asking people for their feedback. Participate in discussions and make it easy for others to do the same. Using plugins to allow site visitors to comment through their Facebook profile makes it easier for people to comment, and increases the engagement of your followers. Use premium WordPress themes that attract people who are likely to do business with you.

Stay with Your Target Market

You will be more successful with social media if you go where your target audience can be found. If your traffic is up on Facebook but down on Twitter, focus on the one that is bringing in more traffic. If more people from Facebook buy from you, then there is your target market. If you have a faithful group of customers, consider them your social media marketers, and share great content with them.

Trust Is Vital

It is vitally important to gain the trust of people who may become your customers. Marketing is not a trusted area, since online vendors have always made big promises and have not always lived up to them. Companies online have a lot they need to do in order to make up for that.

Always Be Planning

There is no such thing as too much planning. Update your approach as things change. Meet with your clients at least monthly, to review current results and plan for new campaigns. You won’t be able to optimize your opportunities if you put your Facebook plans on autopilot. Contingency planning is also important. Marketing in social media is less predictable, by nature. You should be ready with a prompt response if anything happens out of the ordinary.
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