University of Maryland Suffered from Data Breach

The University of Maryland has announced that more than 300,000 records including staff, affiliated individuals, and students were breached during 19th Feb 2014 attack.

President Mr. Wallace D. Loh said in a statement that only personal information of people was breached, but academic, health, contact, and financial records remained safe during this attack. The information about the data breach received from Brian Voss, a vice president of information technology. The records contained name, SSN (Social Security number), date of birth, and University identification number.

The university technical experts immediately handled the matter with diligence and cautions. Even law enforcement authorities are also investigating in this matter. Computer forensic investigators are investigating log files to resolve how attackers gained success in avoiding security defenses.

The university is now providing a one-year security monitoring service to affected people. The additional information about activation of monitoring service will be provided within next 24 hours.

The university has put FAQs at its website and provided a number 301-405-4440 for any question and comments.

University also recommended some tips to people that are as follows.

  • Do not share individual information over the phone and email.
  • To verify the person always ask for a callback number.
  • If any text is of no use, then delete it immediately.
  • Never respond to unknown emails.

Cyber crime becomes a headache for organizations, institutions, corporate, SMBs, and for all other sectors. There are millions of records were breached during 2013 year, and security analysts also expecting more data breaches in the year of 2014. In this situation, it is desirable to consider security precautions for both users and organization side to avoid cyber crime.

User should gain more knowledge to keep their data safe online and even stored data in PC, Mobiles, Ipads, etc.

For organization, SSL or secure socket layer is an option to encrypt the data during transitions. Outsiders will not be able to interpret your record, when you keep it in an encrypted form. SSL security Certificate provides a security layer to your online data, so cyber culprits could not use it in an illegal way.


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