Characteristics of software security

To be secure in respect of Software security is obligatory for the developers. As per research held in US by FBI a near about $0.26 billion setback occurs due to security offend. Internet serves huge data for both personal and business. Also there are email and mobile traffic which enhance the security for internet. Hence for a software developer a security and its parameters must be followed to offer software a secure environment. There are some parameters like integrity, Legitimacy, accessibility, confidentiality.
Properties of software
Integrity: The software and its quality must be confirmed against rebellion which includes unauthorized alteration of software code, configuration and modification by unauthorized. Without software integrity companies lose credibility and threat monetary loss due to software blunder and virus. Integrity should be maintained in software’s development and its execution. Why integrity is need? For example when a program is on hard disk it may become victim of virus attack or the program code may be changed. Sometime the download file on web may not respond suitably. Development teams are under pressure to get the software even faster and of high quality. Cost of failure is increasing and codebases are growing in software making. Such elements force engineer to integrate software.
Legitimacy: If an attacker falsifies the software code before its execution then the software security can be evade. In software legitimacy defender can identify change of value in asset done by an attacker before the asset is utilized. Legitimacy confirms the identity of a software program. Authorization is the process of specifying access rights to resources for identified credentials. If the credentials are varying then the access request is declined. The software must ensure that any uniqueness is hidden by unauthorized source especially in open source software.
Accessibility: The software must be unwrapping and prepared to its authorized users adversely it is unauthorized for unknown. All the information and communications services will be ready for use when expected. Accessibility contains three sets of permissions like read, write and execute.
Confidentiality: The asset and its subject are secured and cannot be copied by attackers. Confidentiality provides privacy and reduces identity theft; it also gives a form of security to a situation. Confidentiality is like knowing something but keeping it locked securely away. It prevents you from being cheated by attackers hence software fairness may prevent.


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