How Web 3.0 Will Work?

Many are speculating about what exactly “Web 3.0″ will look like, but at this time their definitions vary greatly. This post is one idea, incorporating personalized search and the semantic web. What do you think?
When you use a search engine, you type particular keywords, but the engine is not able to truly understand your search. It looks for web pages that contain that word keywords of your search terms and gives the result according to that. It does not mean that every time search engine provides relevant information. Basically, it can only tell when the keyword appears on the web page.
Web 3.0 will be vastly different from today’s search experience. It does not find only keywords but understand your requests. As you search the web, the browser learns what you are interested in. The more you search on web, the more your browser learns about you and the less specific you will need to be with your question.
It would be possible that after some time you might be able to ask your browser open question like where should I go for holiday? Or where should I go for dinner? Your browser would checks its records of what you like and dislike and gives you an answer. In fact, many experts believe that Web 3.0 will act like a personal assistant. It makes your tasks easier and make your life quite easy, saving lots of time and energy.  It would be possible because Web 3.0 will be able to understand information on the internet.
Internet experts believe that with Web 3.0, every user will have a unique internet profile which based on their past browsing history. Web 3.0 will use this profile for giving relevant information for the user’s search. If different people search same keywords they might get different answer as per their profile. This is the way Web 3.0 will work.
Search engines always try to provide relevant information to the users but the browser of Web 3.0 is different. It has artificial intelligence that understands requirements of the users. Web 3.0 browser is able to read the web pages like a human and gives specific result. Web 3.0 covers all the information from the web, and we can say that it is the third generation of the World Wide Web.
At the end we can say that the last result would be more intelligent web. The web that can short information much more accurately and efficiently, resulting in an internet that creates artificial intelligence.
However, this version of Web 3.0 is so theoretical that it’s practically impossible to say how it will work.



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