Google App Engine launched in Europe with SSL Encryption

Google’s app engine served in North America for the past four years. Now Google has launched app engine in Europe Union (EU). It is launched with a version 1.7 with premium accounts. It will help customers as well developers to process their site quickly. App Engine 1.7.0, developers can give out applications through HTTPS on custom domains. It presents both SNI and VIP based SSL. SNI permits multiple domains to allocate the same IP address while still allotting a separate certificate for each domain. VIP means a separate IP address for a developer with a single host name.

Google app engine v.1.7.0 is available $500 per month with a 99% up-time guarantee and can create maximum app on premier’s account. Google has also augmented the application dimension limit from 150MB to 1GB. With this launch of app engine developers have keen sight on better search, cross app namespace, SSL supports for custom domain, faster import and export of data, faster data storage and cloud SQL availability. Google app engine has speed up service that speeds up the loading ratio of web pages. Person can store longitude and latitude as a GeoPoint in a GeoField. The GeoPoint set permits you to make map locations searchable. You can search documents from GeoPoint.


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