The Best Tablets

It feels like the tablet market has been bursting at the seams, but for now the top choices are still relatively straightforward. Expect this list to get a lot more crowded in the coming months.
The Best GadgetsThe Best Tablet
If you don't have a tablet and you want to buy a tablet, buy the 2012 iPad. It's excellent. But unless you are a comic book fanatic or do a ton of reading on your previous-gen 'Pad, there is no reason to upgrade from an iPad 2. It's simply not that much of a difference. Yes, it's better brighter faster stronger, but the hard truth of this new iPad is, it's not very new. (March 2012)

The Best GadgetsThe Best eReader
The Nook Simple Touch was the the old bestmodo ereader. The new Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight adds a frontlight to read in the dark, a protective finish, and a very stupid name and grey ring. Its faults are relatively small, and the frontlight is a game changer.

The Best GadgetsBest Android Tablet
If you know you want an Android tablet, the Transformer Prime is the one to buy. It's the best constructed, fastest Android tablet out there. The only people who should hesitate are those who don't want to be confined to Wi-Fi. (January, 2012)

The Best GadgetsBest Tablet Under $200
The Google Nexus 7 tablet is small, fast, smooth, portable, and inexpensive. At $200 there is pretty much no reason to buy a Kindle Fire at all. More » (July 2012)


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