Wireless net (WI-FI) prevails an ascending technology in a cyber globe. It abolishes the bounds of wired technology peculiarly conducted in internet connection. It conducts radio frequency and utilized to wireless information exchange over a PC set-up. “Wi-Fi” continues a characteristic of the Wi-Fi association. It attains with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption. For connection with Wi-Fi, wireless local area network is exercise to bond contrary apparatus for switch of information, which is marketed under Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi attracts ample boons at our doorstep composing trouble-free breakneck and cost effectiveness solution network configuration and reconfiguration. Every goodness carries badness with it. Here all communication dealt through radio frequency, interception hazard is emerging. If the information affected encrypted the assailant could debase the information. The wireless networking security core accommodates secrecy, coherence, availability.
The principal reward of wireless network embodies ease, mobility, productivity, deployment, expandability, and expense. The dislikes of wireless network involve Security, extent of acreage, dependability and speed. The wireless network adjures four elements exchange of details via radio frequency, access points and users. Every technology expects security or assailants may annoy the data that proceed in it. There are absolute benchmark determine the shelter of wireless network security.
The chief discipline to assign impunity to wireless network is to encrypt the details exchange on wireless network there exists two categories of encryption WEP (wired equivalent privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) WEP was first encryption approach but due to defective encryption an exigency of  fresh encryption arise and WPA was come into exist. In order to conduct WPA all the communication apparatuses must be configured through WPA. Once you encrypt your router, you have to array your wireless network apparatuses with adequate data to approach the network. Alike encryption will maintain hackers and snoopers out of your wireless network. Ceaselessly conduct a longer key capacity for encryption to deliver stronger security. Hence turn on your encryption element in wireless router.
Spyware/firewall usage
Anti spyware, made in on computer will attribute protection cover to your network across malware, alien assailants and hazards. It alarms opposite numerous malicious sites or URL appearing caution popup. One should always arouse his system firewall to defend from jeopardy and exposure it is a safety shield that allocated by OS in your PC.
Non- broadcast WLAN
Ample wireless access points providers non- promoting their SSID (service set identifier) who is central saying endures to control your identity from outsider attackers by function this SSID will be depicting in the list of attainable wireless network. Hence disable your identifier broadcasting system if your wireless router affirms you.
Default ID & Password
When you amass wireless router from manufacturer it will access with default ID. Hackers have cognizance of default id hence alter your id and password you can recall or rewrite down it on a separate note hence that in case you elapse you will obtain easily. Even your router is not broadcasting its id; it has a big hazard to be applied by malicious cyberpunk. The stronger you maintain your password the safer your system will be.
MAC (Media Access Control)
Each wireless router has media access control, which apportions odd chosen apparatuses that contrasts with MAC address to the network. Hackers may copy MAC and can defraud your data via wireless network hence coherently display your identity to definite computers that you absolutely perceive otherwise you will be a dupe of fraud access control.
Turn-off Wi-Fi in idol time 
Wi-Fi endures based on radio frequency and assailants may debase its signal for their malicious action therefore when you are not conduct your Wi-Fi it should be turn off hence outsider may not debase it. The more it is exemplary the more in a jeopardy zone of threats and vulnerability.
Hot spot
Today the globe is abutted more with Wi-Fi there are ample locus in our area, which is comprehensively colonized by Wi-Fi hence people chronically utilize their laptop in such locus preserving in attend that they are cautious while utilizing wireless technology. However, the essential fact is that Hot spot are no harmless in today’s age because hackers have a briefing about akin locus. Hence they can hack facilely your wireless system and can defraud your data, deliver numerous male ware, baffle your email by allowing numerous spam mails hence one should not facilitate Wi-Fi in accessible hot spot or you may be assault by attackers.
User must be attentive of pros and betrays of Wi-Fi and user cautious himself by following the precaution about the wireless network conduct. So there continues a less chance of being hacked. User has to update himself about the budding technology adept by cyber network in respect of wireless security hence user might long exult the benefit of akin technology. User should approach other about the correct conduct of wireless network.
Network scrutinizing
Network should be examined coherently and match with former map with appropriate network mapping apparatuses. The approach of audit the network is to detect out the action aftereffects and identify the security and also layup bottom parameters on which future check will be affirmed. The audit comprises feeble keys for encryption, key reuse and WEP security areas, and pass of network stumblers, packet logging and analysis breakthrough access point hardware and configuration, felonious network access, interfaces with other networks.
Although it is imaginative to exterminate entire barriers or hazard in wireless network but yes it is a conceivable appeal to appraise and administer unwanted hazard.


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